unnamed 1 - Thoughts to consider when purchasing a 360 Photo Booth

Your business plans:

What industry do you plan on entering? By narrowing down your business to a specific area of trade, entrepreneurs can make educated decisions on what specific photo booth package will benefit their business the most.   


How will you market your photo booth? 360 photo booths are all the rage, so advertising that your business is in possession of one is essential. They capture amazing content that can be shared instantly on your website and social media. Engagement on photos and videos produced from a 360 photo booth is extremely high. Established businesses have seen tremendous growth on social media just by using the high quality content they captured while using their 360 photo booth.

360 photo booth packages:

Which model works best for your budget and mode of transportation? Every photo booth is different, so knowing the qualities and components of each package is essential. Plan out what you want to gain from your 360 photo booth and how much you plan on using it. In addition, think about how you are going to transport your photo booth to different venues. Our website provides all of the specifications (like weight and height) for every model of photo booth for sale. Read over your options and choose the best package for you and your business.

Plans for growth:

How will you grow your business using a 360 photo booth? As your company grows with the help of your photo booth, it may be wise to look into purchasing a different model. Capture Your Spin offers a variety of packages and options that will greatly enhance your operations. We suggest having three different types of models for every event, circumstance or opportunity that may arise.

Capture Your Spin has proven itself as a front-runner corporation in the 360 photo booth industry. Unlike competitors who outsource their raw materials from China, Capture Your Spin prides itself on only using USA made products meant to withstand hundreds of events. Looking to the future, Capture Your Spin plans to assist customers with acquiring rental leads for their 360 photo booths through a wide range of opportunities. Capture Your Spin is willing to help jumpstart  customers’ rental businesses by offering various services like lead generation, website development, content creation and much more. As a company, we are determined to help at least 500 customers make 6+ figures this year alone by renting out 360 photo booths for weddings, birthday parties, corporate events, etc. According to an article by Food Truck Empire, the percentage of individuals searching for a 360 photo booth rental for exclusively corporate events has increased by 30%. All in all—it is the perfect time and opportunity to start your own 360 photo booth rental business and begin rolling in the cash. 

To find out more about the 360 photo booth rental business and its market trends, check out this article by IBISWorld.

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