unnamed - Opportunity For Photo Booth Owners In Canada

Owning a 360 photo booth or a DSLR photo booth in Canada is a great position to be in for someone wanting to not only create a successful rental business, but also an additional income stream.

Photo booths are in extreme demand all over the world right now, especially at events and parties of all types and Canada is nowhere close to becoming a saturated market any time soon.  

Usually, when a 360 photo booth is rented out, it is rented either by the hour or by a flat time frame such as a 3-4 hour minimum. Hourly rates generally start from $250 in  Canada, but depending on the size of the event or party this number is subject to change and can also be seen at $750+ per hour at bigger events. 

How Much Can You Make Renting Photo Booths?

The wedding planner, event planner, DJ, or party planner who books a minimum of three events a week for a minimum of two hours each will make a monthly income of around $7,500.00. If we do the math, annually that comes out to $90,000. This is the perfect side hustle for entrepreneurs of all ages.

If you’re looking for a 360 photo booth or any other LED or DSLR camera booths in Canada, look at the booths Capture Your Spin provides to the market. They have become everyone’s go-to choice for people looking for a fun way to make money & create a successful booth business at the same time.

360 Photo booths have become the party activity of choice for families celebrating special days & occasions in Canada because they are something the whole family can do.

Who Should Buy A Photo Booth?

Nobody has to be 21+ to have fun when a 360 photo booth is at a party. Our 360 photo booths allow anyone to engage in a fun experience that is much more interactive than standing still and taking a normal photograph.

If you have a large family that likes to have lots of parties and events often, you may even want to consider buying your own 360 photo booth just for self-pleasure and social media posts.

According to global photo booth industry statistics, Canada is the next country up to experience a surge in demand for photo booth rentals. If you are someone who is already in the event planning industry or even just looking to make extra money, Canada is the place to be if you own a Canada photo booth rental business.

Why Choose A Capture Your Spin Photo Booth?

Capture Your Spin is one of the very few companies that truly manufactures their photo booths in the USA. Knowing this, buying from a company like Capture Your Spin will reassure you the fact that you will be receiving the highest quality photobooths on the market. Alongside the best available quality, we provide top tier customer service along with fast & free delivery. 

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