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Why Choose Capture Your Spin Photo Booths?

Made and shipped in the USA, Capture Your Spin photo booths are made with the highest quality of raw materials on the market. While our competitors outsource their materials from other countries, which in return creates major quality issues, we guarantee first-rate equipment that is meant to withstand even the most lively events. 

With our seamless set-up process and operation system, professional photographers and tech gurus are now expendable. Once you receive your photo booth kit, plug your AC adapter into a power source then into the motor. Then, attach your photo device to the bracket and get your photoshoot started. Our photo booths are lightweight and can be set up for both indoor or outdoor functions. 

“I’ve tried various photo booths from different companies, but none of them compare to Capture Your Spin,” says customer Kyle Randall. “The set-up process for these other photo booths was very lengthy and required a ton of extra supplies. That’s what separates Capture Your Spin from their competitors—high-quality materials and an easy installation process.”

We take pride in our prompt customer service, so if any issues arise with your order or photo booth, we are happy to assist. It is our goal for you to be profiting as much money as possible from your 360 photo booth

“Capture Your Spin has both top of the line customer service and products,” says customer Gia Johnson. “They are the only 360 photo booth business in the industry that wants to help you make money.”

In the near future, Capture Your Spin will also be offering opportunities that will enhance your business and clientele allowing easy access to your target market. Capture Your Spin wants to alleviate the stress that accompanies creating and managing your own website. Individuals will have the opportunity to employ Capture Your Spin representatives to build and customize their very own 360 photo booth rental website. In addition, Capture Your Spin will feed entrepreneurs with 360 photo booth leads and send as many potential customers to their websites as possible. It’s never been easier to start a rental business.

“Capture Your Spin listens to customer feedback and they are always brainstorming new ideas that will assist them in the photo booth rental business,” says Randall. “Not only do I trust that their products will be top of the line, but I’m also confident that they want only the very best for my rental business.” 

A referral program through Capture Your Spin is also on the horizon. Loyal customers will have the opportunity to work directly with Capture Your Spin and profit from selling photo booths. More details are to come, so keep an eye out for potential new business opportunities. 

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