Best Props For Your Photo Booth Business 1 - Best Props For Your Photo Booth Business

If you own a photo booth and are constantly looking for new rentals & bookings, you should definitely look into getting some props. Props are a great addition to any photo booth business  and always make each experience on a 360 photo booth or a DSLR photo booth for instance a lot more memorable. You also have the option to create your own homemade props if you want to avoid spending additional money towards your rental business or can buy them at your local party shop.

Customization of props also helps attract new customers’ attention to your photo booth which can lead to an increase in bookings. Yes, at times it can be challenging getting props for your business, but fortunately there are tons of different options to choose from!

One thing all 360 photo booth & iPad photo booth owners need to be aware of is how easily props can get damaged. We recommend placing your props in their own box with a lid on it, instead of them being scattered in your photo booth flight case where things can be easily broken or damaged.

If you’re confused about what props you need or just need some ideas of what to get, below are the top 10 photo booth props you can add to your photo booth rentals to increase your rentals and revenue.

  1.  Party Hats
  2.  Sunglasses
  3.  Beads 
  4.  Creative Signs 
  5.  Streamers
  6.  Confetti Poppers
  7.  Balloons 
  8.  Glow Sticks 
  9.  Furry Scarfs
  10.  Money Gun & Fake Prop Money

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