photo booth rental growth - The Rise of 360 Photo Booths In Entertainment

360 photo booths are dominating the hospitality and entertainment spheres. Individuals, especially those in Generation Z, expect instant gratification when it comes to posting their images and videos from events to social media. Capture Your Spin photo booths allow partygoers to pose on a non-slip platform equipped with a 360 adjustable camera arm for catching all the right angles and a RGB ring light for ultimate lighting. The final product then can be shared instantly and posted to all social networks. 

Not only do 360 photo booths provide unparalleled images and videos, but they are also a source of entertainment at events for all ages.

“I purchased a 360 photo booth from Capture Your Spin about a month ago,” says event planner Lexie Barry. “I have seen a tremendous amount of inquiries from customers wanting to rent it for events—it’s definitely the new ‘it’ item of the industry.” 

You’ll have the entire party lined up to experience this exceptional tool that captures memories to last a lifetime. The fun and unique qualities of a 360 photo booth attract partygoers as soon as they step foot into the event space. 

“It’s more than just a photo booth,” says Ryan Johnson. “360 photo booths are almost like a moving timestamp of some of the best times in your life.”

Not only are individuals purchasing 360 photo booths for themselves, but they are also using them as a means to make money. These moving photo booths are renting out for about $500 an hour. Because of their entertaining and versatile nature, 360 photo booths have become a necessity for every high-profile function. 

“There are not many, if none at all, side hustles that allow you to stand still, click a button, and make hundreds of dollars an hour,” says Jordan Till. “You don’t even have to fully commit to this new venture—it’s the perfect side gig that makes you lots of money.”

From setup to dismantle, 360 photo booths are straightforward and uncomplicated. Because of their popularity, entrepreneurs are purchasing three to four photo booths and hiring individuals to operate them at events. As a result, they can commit to more parties, bring in more money and increase their clientele. 

360 photo booths have added a layer of luxury and distinction to the entertainment industry. A traditional photographer is not enough anymore when it comes to planning, hosting and attending events. People crave that extra form of entertainment and satisfaction 360 photo booths provide. It is only the beginning for these contraptions, and it is a fact that they will only continue to grow more popular as summer events kick off. 

“If you want to have a successful event, you must have a 360 photo booth,” says event planner Jamie Hughes. “People pay top dollar to rent one out for weddings, birthday parties, baby showers, launch parties and much more.”

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