best side hustle 2022 - 360 Photo Booths: The #1 Side Hustle of 2022

The 360 photo booth rental business has skyrocketed since the start of 2022. Due to the up rise of the working from home mentality, individuals are venturing away from traditional desk jobs and going into business for themselves. 

“It’s crazy how much the pandemic impacted the work environment,” says Rashad White. “Every friend I know, me included, works from home, so we have all started various side hustles to bring in some extra income. I decided the 360 photo booth rental business was the most convenient and successful route for me.” 

Statistics show that the 360 photo booth industry is now worth over $400 million. People crave the extra form of entertainment 360 photo booths provide. They also allow individuals to instantly share and send photos and videos captured inside the booth. This is a major advantage of 360 photo booths—the instant gratification and high-quality media that is produced. Traditional photography is now insufficient for trending parties and events. By 2025, the industry is expected to be close to $600 million. As popularity increases, so will the prices of the 360 photo booth packages. It is an ideal time to get your hands on one before it’s too late. 

“360 photo booths are such a hot product right now in the entertainment sphere,” says Cara Rink. “I purchased my photo booth last month from Capture Your Spin and the amount of inquiries I’ve gotten from people wanting to rent it out is insane.” 

Although people become very successful through this rental side hustle, it is very possible to turn this venture into a full time gig. The key is to purchase various models of 360 photo booths, create your very own website and social pages and train/hire employees to operate the gadgets at events. Once a routine is in order, the inquiries will start rolling in. You will soon establish a name and reputation for yourself in the rental business, and not as much advertising will be needed. 

Not only is this a very successful industry to work in, but it is also an exciting one as well. It is ideal for individuals who crave adventure and a nonstandard work environment. 

“Going into business for myself was the best decision I’ve ever made,” says Rink. “I am able to make my own schedule and travel to amazing venues in my city.” 

All it takes is the purchase of one 360 photo booth. After only a few events, the photo booth will pay for itself and much more.

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