What is a 360 Photo Booth?

The 360 photo booth creates a revolutionary experience through the use of your camera. While guests stand on an elevated platform, a slow motion arm captures a video from all angles. The end result is an unforgettable memory made for events of all kinds. Whether you’re already in the photo booth business, an event planner, wedding planner, an entrepreneur, looking for a new side hustle, want to quit your 9-5, or even want to spend more time with family & friends, getting into the rental business is one of the best & easiest ways to generate serious income.

How do I use the 360 Photo Booth?

Our 360 photo booth’s are durable, lightweight, and portable! It doesn’t matter if you’re using it outdoors, indoors, or in any type of setting. It’s incredibly easy to set-up and shouldn’t take any longer than 5 minutes to get everything ready. You don’t have to be a pro to take your photo booth to the next level! No need for fancy cameras, tons of cords, and other unnecessary equipment, whatever smartphone device you have works perfectly with our 360 photo booth.  All you have to do is take out the photo booth from it’s case, plug in your AC adapter into a working power source then into the motor, hop on the photo booth’s platform, attach your device to the bracket, press the “on” button, and the 360 photo booth will do the rest for you! It’s that simple.

Why buy a 360 Photo Booth?

Are you looking for a new side hustle? Are you tired of your 9-5 and want to pursue something new? Become your own boss and start a photo booth rental business. Let’s think about it… Everyone has birthdays, weddings, baby shower’s, school dances, company’s have corporate events all the time, & so forth, but thats not the point. The point is, that special day or event needs to be remembered in some way or another. It’s 2022, people are tired of hiring a boring old photographer thats only going to take still images at events or parties. Why wouldn’t people that are having parties & events of all sorts want to try something new they have never seen before to remember that special occasion?

Our 360 photo booth’s will turn any ordinary birthday party into an Oscars after party. 360 photo booths are great for all events like birthdays, weddings, themed parties, VIP events, & much more! With our 360 photo booths, guests can take unique 360 shots of themselves that will surely be the highlight of the event. Our photo booth’s feature exceptional technology that allows the arm attached to its stationary platform, capture a 360 view from any video camera. You now have the ability to provide an exclusive piece of content that’s shareable within seconds. Our photo booths are suitable for guests of all ages, and will surely entertain kids and adults all day long.

Even if you’ve always wanted to start your own business but are not really sure what to do, or if it will be worth it, no need to worry any longer. The demand for having a 360 photo booth at an event or party is through the roof and you now have the opportunity to fill that demand. Feel free to give us a call at anytime within our business hours to hear more about this opportunity you deserve.

You can reach us at 1-800-313-8705 or email us at support@captureyourspin.com.

How To Make Money When Starting A 360 Photo Booth Business?

Buy a 360 Photo Booth and start your own photo booth rental service with it! You could literally make your initial investment back in just 2 to 3 events! The average rental for a 360 photo booth is around $500 per hour…

For Example: Just one 3 hour rental = $500 x 3 hours = $1500

Do this twice in one month: 2 x $1500 = $3000 ….

Your investment in a 360 photo booth will be fully paid off quicker than you would think!

360 photo booths are in huge demand, and the amount of birthday parties, weddings, baby showers, corporate events, VIP events, & so forth are only increasing. Why not take advantage of all of the events & parties that occur on a daily basis and offer a service that many people are not already providing? People are tired of hiring your average photographer to capture memories only by taking old and boring still image shots. Invest in yourself, and create an income stream you never imagined was possible by starting your own rental business today.

Feel free to contact us at any time within our business hours for more information on this opportunity in front of you. You can reach us at 1-800-313-8705 or email us support@captureyourspin.com.

How does financing work and what would my monthly payment look like?

If you are trying to finance an order, your monthly payment will be collected from Klarna on a monthly basis over a 3 year period (36 months). Klarna offers flexible monthly 360 photo booth financing plans, and they allow you to pay off your order in any amount whenever you would like. For example, If you wanted to pay off 25%, 50%, or 100% of your order after a few months have passed on your payment plan, you are totally able to do so either through the Klarna app or by contacting them directly.

Please know, Capture Your Spin is not responsible for collecting your monthly payment, Klarna is. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your Klarna payment plan or if you got denied, you need to contact Klarna directly. There are certain instances where Klarna will deny someone approval to finance an order, which is all dependent on how their application is reviewed through a series of questions they may ask you during the checkout process.

Also, Klarna will grant payment terms differently for each & every person. In some cases they will grant you $0 down, and in other cases they may require 50% or more of your order total down. Along with the down payment, Klarna’s grants interest rates differently per individual trying to finance an order. What they will do is perform a soft credit check by asking you the last 4 digits of your social security number, and it will NOT affect credit score by any means.

Promotional purchase rate ranges from 0%-24.99% APR. Non-promotional balances have an APR of 24.99%. Subject to a $2 monthly minimum interest charge and credit approval. APR based on creditworthiness and subject to credit approval, resulting in, for example, 12 equal monthly payments of $100 (amount at 0% APR) to $124.99 (amount at 24.99% APR) per $1,200 borrowed. Minimum purchase of $149 required. 0% APR financing only available to qualified customers with excellent credit history. Monthly financing through Klarna issued by WebBank, member FDIC. See terms.

Does Klarna affect my credit score?

Financing an order through Klarna does not affect your credit score.

How do I finance an order?  (Step-by-Step Process)

Before finance a 360 photo booth, it is very important you are aware you cannot finance an order with a credit card or a pre-paid card. You can only finance an order with a debit/bank card connected to either a checking or savings account. Also, when entering in order information before getting to the payment section, it is very important you are entering the exact information that is on/under the debit card you are paying with. This means, you can only successfully finance an order as long it has the exact first & last name that is matched to the debit card you are paying with, along with the exact billing address connected to the debit card you are financing your order with. It is also important, that whoever is receiving the photo booth, a good phone number is under your order information and it matches up to the individual at the shipping address actually receiving the order.

Steps to finance an order:

1.) Add item(s) to your cart and head to the checkout.

2.) Enter in all of your details & make sure it matches everything exactly associated with the debit card you are paying with.

3.) Once you click “Continue To Payment”, ONLY select “Flexible Payments with Klarna” and click “Place Order or Complete Order”.

4.) After you place your order, you will be re-directed to the Klarna portal where they will show you a range of what your interest rate could be. (You will see your exact interest rate on each monthly payment at the very end)

5.) Enter in your phone number & request to be sent the 6 digit code. Once you receive the code, make sure it is correctly entered and click “Continue”

6.) Enter in all of the remaining details they request, and click continue again or “see updated plan” (if that appears). At the very end you will see your total cost with interest and you will also see the exact interest rate they are going to charge you on a monthly basis.

7.) After finalizing all your information is correct, click “Place Order” and you will be re-directed to an order confirmation page if your order successfully went through.

8.) If you got denied by Klarna, try following the same exact steps again and double check you are entering in all of the correct information matched to the debit card you are paying with. In some cases, Klarna will deny monthly financing to individuals due to their credit score being too low or if you are already financing something else and have not finished paying off your existing 360 photo booth payment plan.

For any questions or concerns about how the financing process works, or if you just would like some help financing an order, we are more than happy to provide assistance. For help, please reach us at 1-800-313-8705 or email us at support@captureyourspin.com.

After I place an order, when will it arrive?

Once you place an order it will take up to 7-14 business days for your order to be processed, shipped, & delivered. Please know, the 7-14 business day time period does not include Saturday’s & Sunday’s.

For any questions or concerns regarding your shipment, please contact the shipping carrier directly (Pilot) at 1-(800) 447 4568 or email rdu@pilotdelivers.com.

I am having trouble setting up & assembling my photo booth?

If you are experiencing troubles with the set up & installation process, please contact us and we will either walk you through the set up process over the phone, or email you detailed instructions on how to properly do so.

You can reach us at 1-800-313-8705 or at support@captureyourspin.com.

How can I track my order?

1.) Please visit the Pilot website at: https://www.pilotdelivers.com/

2.) On the top left corner on the Pilot website, click “Track A Shipment”

2.) Enter in your shipment number you were emailed.

3.) After entering your shipment number, click “Track”.

4.) On the left-hand side under “More Details”, click “View”.

5.) After clicking “View”, you will have access to see all of your shipment details & the status history. If you want to be alerted for each status update, please click the “Shipment Alerts” tab on the far right and enter in your email address.

For any questions regarding when your shipment will be delivered, please contact Pilot directly since they are responsible for the handling & transportation.

Please know, we are not the shipping carrier and we have no control over any shipment holds or delays.

For any questions or concerns about your shipment please call Pilot directly at 1-(800) 447 4568 or email rdu@pilotdelivers.com.

Why is my order on hold or delayed?

For any questions regarding when your shipment will be delivered, please contact Pilot directly since they are responsible for the handling & transportation.

Please know, we are not the shipping carrier and we have no control over any shipment holds or delays.

Delays & holds can occur for many reasons. Generally, shipments that experience delays or holds is either due to unexpected weather or a Pilot driver not being able to deliver your shipment on the anticipated date & time.

For any questions or concerns about your shipment please call Pilot directly at

1-(800) 447 4568 or email rdu@pilotdelivers.com.

Is shipping free?

Shipping fee’s are free of cost if you live anywhere within the United States. If you live outside of the US, additional shipping charges may be applied & vary depending on your location.

What days do your shipping carriers deliver on?

The shipping carriers we are partnered with operate between Monday – Friday (9am – 5:30pm EST).

Can I cancel my order?

If you need to cancel your order, please make sure you contact us within 24 hours of your order being placed. If you notify us after 24 hours has surpassed from the time you placed your order and you still want to cancel, you will be responsible for any re-routing/return shipping fee’s along with a restocking fee.

You can reach us at 1-800-313-8705 or at support@captureyourspin.com.